I thought Jessica Simpson looked fab, for the record

Hands up who has ever looked in the mirror and thought “I need to lose a few pounds”? I know I have, in fact I probably do it on a daily basis. Several times a day.
Hardly anything makes me feel good about my body (my boyfriend telling me that he likes me how I am occasionally makes me feel a bit better, it’s nice to know but it doesn’t change how I feel, as crap as that sounds)

Anyway, like I said, there are few things that make me feel good about my body. Instead, there are countless things that I see on a daily basis that makes me just look at myself and think badly of the fact that I don’t have a washboard stomach and that my collarbones aren’t clearly visable. I could go on for days about how unfair it is that thin celebrities are blasted in the media for being too thin at the same time that ‘fat’ (and, seriously, if anyone thinks Jessica Simpson looked fat in those pics, they need to get out into the real world and see some real women.) celebrities are being blasted for being too fat! No one can win, and there is a crazy amount of pressure on us to adhere to this body ideal.

According to Heat magazine, ‘curvy’ celebrities have had their time in the spotlight, and now thin is ‘back in’. Apparently young Hollywood stars are “starving themselves for work” because “the credit crunch has hit Hollywood as well”. Right. So it’s not got anything to do with the fact that magazines like Heat say that they’re all for curvier celebrities and yet criticise anyone who gains a few pounds? How you just have to be thin to be successful, to be admired, to be attractive to men?

Anyway, apart from those pictures of Nicole Richie on the beach, looking like she hadn’t eaten for weeks, and the picture of Lindsay Lohan and Ms.Richie looking like the unhappiest people to ever step out clad in Chanel, (and my God, does that just look disgusting or is it just me?!) I’ve never really saw a picture of anyone and thought “bloody hell, I may not fit into size 6 jeans but damn I’m glad I don’t”

Until yesterday.

Just…wow. Mischa Barton has always been quite pretty (in that faux-boho, Sienna way) but she looks terrible. It’s not even the protruding collarbones that shock me so much – it’s her face! She looks completely lifeless, devoid of energy and just…sunken. She looks like it’s taking all her effort to just stand upright and focus on the camera for a few moments. There are also pictures of her inside the magazine (which I can’t find scans of, sorry!) and yes, she’s wearing the latest fashions and the dress looks lovely and her bag is fabulous and everything, but her legs look like the legs of a pre-pubescent girl. How is that sexy?!
Apparently she’s dropped 3 dress sizes – three?! She was hardly that big before she lost all this weight! What on earth was she before? I would have guessed a (UK) size 10 at most!

I don’t understand how we got to the point where size 10 is considered fat. That’s small to me. I just don’t understand it.

What do you think?


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