How does it feel? – occasional song of the day #3

Blue Monday – New Order

Right so this might be a bit weird, but I have a habit (a ritual of sorts) of listening to Blue Monday every Monday morning as I struggle through my very own mini-commuter nightmare on the way to college. My Monday mornings usually consist of me reluctantly dragging my arse out of bed and complaining about how tired I am, and for some strange reason Blue Monday fits this perfectly. It’s the best song to put on when it feels like you’re just dragging one foot in front of the other hoping that you’ll get somewhere good soon. It’s a classic song, from its legendary bassline to the hypnotising drums, to Bernard Sumner’s “give me your best shot” vocals.

It makes me feel apathetic, yet excited at the same time. Brilliant. And just what you need for a rainy Monday.


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