Untouchable – OSOTD #4

It was announced today that Girls Aloud’s 21st single will be the epic Untouchable, from their latest album Out Of Control. It clocks in at 6:45 and is the longest song to be released by the girls, who recently won a Brit award for Best British Singlei for their single The Promise. I have said before how disappointed I was with Out Of Control, it’s mundane and mid-tempo for the most part and everything I would expect from a Sugababes 3.0 album but not a Girls Aloud one. Untouchable is like a perfect follow on from Tangled Up, which was the most delicious slice of pop from the opening song to the closer.
There are a lot of rumours surrounding Girls Aloud at the moment. They have been together for 7 years (7!), Cheryl is currently the nation’s “sweetheart” and is therefore getting the most press, (and how much must the other 4 hate their group being referred to as ‘Cheryl & Co’?) their last single The Loving Kind barely scraped into the top 20, and only did so by a massive drive by their hardcore fans to buy it at the last minute, so that the Girls wouldn’t break their spell of consecutive top 20 singles. Their last album disappointed many, many fans (including, as you may have gathered, yours truly). People seem to just be waiting for one of them to crack and go solo – bets are currently all on Cheryl, with a few believing that Nadine will tire of being in her shadow and leave first.
Girls Aloud are my (second) favourite band. I’ve gone a bit nuts over them over the past few days, in a proper teenage fan girl way, in the way you can only do with a pop band. They are a breath of fresh air, they produce amazing pop songs (well, Xenomania do I suppose!) and, most of Out of Control aside, have done so consistently since their birth on reality TV show Popstars: The Rivals in 2002. They have apparently signed a deal that will see them make 3 more albums. Whether this will be 3 albums of new material, it is yet to be seen, they could screw their fans and release only 1 more album and make the last two a greatest hits/live album/b-sides album. I really hope the next album is as amazing as Chemistry and Tangled Up.Untouchable is a step in the right direction, we should all be thankful they didn’t decide to unleash Fix Me Up or Rolling Back The Rivers In Time instead…

BTW, if they create a radio edit for Untouchable, it will ruin it. They need to do a Queen and demand that it is kept its original length!


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