Queen of the Supermarket

Reasons why working in a supermarket sucks:

  • The employees – they’re all miserable. I understand that its a supermarket and people who are 30+ are probably pretty pissed that they’re in such a dead end job but jesus, would it kill you to return a smile now and again?
  • The management staff. Insufferable idiots. We nickname one ‘Little Hitler’ because he swans around thinking he is God’s gift, shouting instructions to everyone. My manager denied me time off (taken from my holiday allowance) for sitting my exams, stating “well you don’t have exams on the weekend do you?” as his reason. No, I don’t, but studying is always something that’s useful for exams, dontcha know.
  • The customers. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do love when I help out a frail old pensioner, or someone who is geniuenly thankful that you have directed them to the jam. But when you get threatened for not having a certain brand of organic milk on the shelves… why is that MY problem? I am just a lowly worker. I don’t control the deliveries we get. It’s not even my job to put the milk on the shelves. So don’t threaten me for not being able to tell you where your pretentious carton of milk is.
  • The nightstaff. I work from 6am, just as the nightstaff workers are leaving. Seeing as they’re leaving, you’d think that they’ve finished their jobs, but no. I work as a personal shopper, and it is my job to shop for customer’s orders. I cannot count the number of times that i’ve had to offer a substitute for a particular item, because of the sheer incompetence of the night staff. Stock is hardly ever out on time, and surely that’s what they’re getting paid for, stocking shelves?
  • The uniform – itchy.
  • Saturday afternoons. Oh how I have come to hate them. This is the supermarket’s busiest time and the time when it becomes a nightmare to navigate around the store. It’s hardly fun when you’re a customer, but when it’s your job and you know that you’ve got to push your trolley around an overcrowded supermarket for 6 more hours, it’s hell. The only thing worse is when its Christmas time, specifically Christmas Eve and days leading up to it. There is no word to explain how hellish this is.
  • The breaks. Supermarkets seem to think that taking a break after 5 hours of working without one is something to be questioned. Even last weekend, when i’d worked from 6am-11am with no break, I went to my manager to request a break, visably gasping for some sort of liquid and a sit down – they just told me that there was still work to do and therefore I would have to do it.
  • The ‘Supermarket Smile’. I work weekends, and by Wednesday, I still have the Supermarket Smile. The Supermarket Smile is when you smile politely to every single person that passes. I don’t know why I do this, none of my collegues do. I just like to be polite, smiling at customers as they shop so that I look friendly and approachable if they have any questions. Thats fine, but not when it’s 3 days later and you find yourself on the number 8 bus smiling at everyone around.

Reasons why working in a supermarket is wonderful:

  • The money.
  • Wearing Santa hats at Christmas.

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