New and shiny loveliness

Here I am on my brand spanking new laptop! I love it. It is quite literally the best thing ever. It’s so shiny and new and works perfectly and I’m kinda scared to use it because I want it to remain all shiny and new and working perfectly.

“Some observations!” I hear you cry out for. Never fear, dear reader, I will spill forth my ramblings:

  • I just signed up for Skype, that was a weird experience – EVERY SINGLE USERNAME IN THE WORLD IS TAKEN. Well, apart from my new one – aka the shittiest Skype ‘handle’ to ever grace the interwebs. Does everyone have a Skype account or something?
  • Having a built in webcam is also a weird thing. I keep thinking it’s secretly recording me.
  • I have named it Bjorn, after Bjorn The Great from Abba. My old laptop was called Benny. Tchyeah, I’m too cool.
  • I have a new sofa being delivered today. Actually, the van is outside right now, so at any moment I will be watching some out of breath men attempt to squeeze my new sofas through my hoplessly narrow hallway. It’s pissing down with rain, which is typical and JUST GREAT – wet sofa, yum.
  • So with a new sofa and a new laptop I will be experiencing things that I have NEVER EXPERIENCED BEFORE.

And the most important point of the day:

  • Smash Hits is out today. Smash Hits, aka one of The Best Things In The World, is out today and I don’t have it yet. You know whats shit? The “Co-Operative”. I went down there at 8 this morning, I was practically queueing up to get this magical issue of Smash Hits and they didn’t have it. I thought that maybe they just hadn’t put it out yet, so I asked but NOPE, they’re not getting it in. Lets take a moment to outwardly gasp at this. What fuckers, standing in the way of my pop dreams! I tried another shop and they didn’t have it either, but I didn’t ask if they’d be getting it in today because I’m quite scared of the owners, who glare at you if you go in and merely look around without buying. Everytime I go in there I come out with a load of crap because I’m scared of what the owners will do if I don’t buy anything. ANYWAY this means that I will have to trek to Asda later, aka the big ‘Hypermarket’ that has been plonked next to a massive motorway not far from my house. This Asda scares me. It has a massive sign and it proudly proclaims that its part of “the Wal-Mart family”. It has about 10 shops inside it. SHOPS WITHIN A SHOP. Thats how big and scary it is.
    Worth it for Smash Hits, I suppose. Plus then I can hopefully buy a (non-shit) headset to go with my new (shit) Skype account. Yeah.

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