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Right. So as you may or may not know, in the autumn I shall be skipping off happily to journalism school, or ‘university’ as it has been known as up until now. (@journalistics at twitter has made me think I should be uber cool and call it ‘J-school’. It’ll pass. Sit back down.)

Obviously it’s depending on my grades and all that, but suffice to say, I am extremely excited. So today when I got an email from this ‘J-school’ I actually stopped breathing for a bit, as contained within this email was instructions on how to receive Lots Of Money through a scholarship set up by a “late, great” British journalist. The email said that as I hold a place for this course, I might be interested in trying out for this scholarship, so I can be referred to as ‘The [journalist name]’s Student’ or something else equally as shit.

It said, rather excitingly, that if I wanted to apply, then I could apply, and then have an interview at the National Union of Journalists’ HQ in London in September. The National Union of Journalists! Their headquarters!!! An actual real life interview with something that smacks of importance!

So various scenarios made themselves known in my head, ranging from what I’d say in the interview to “must wiki that journalist”, then I read on and saw the small print:

“Only open to black and ethnic minority students”


Does ‘Welsh’ count as an ethnic minority…?

I’m sorry, but is there one thats only open to white students? If not, why not? I want a fucking scholarship!


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