dress me: Topshop

“Oh, check me out with my hipster dresses and my heroin chic models, this gives me permission to be utterly up myself and to only design clothes for people who have that ‘triangle of light’ between their legs. How dare you attempt to return something, how dare you! All of our clothes are PERFECT and if you try and return something then we will scowl at you and make you feel bad for not fitting into our perfect little clique of awesomeness. WE ARE FRIENDS WITH KATE MOSS, DONTCHA KNOW” – Topshop.

So yeah. I bought a dress there yesterday, and because I am a girl, I didn’t try it on. Is it only me that does that? I never try things on because I see the label, think ‘yes! this is my size! it WILL fit!’ and take it home. Well, I seem to have lost weight (!) so I have to get my ass back down to Topshop and exchange it. I bloody hate doing this, and I hate the people who work at my local Topshop. Seriously, LOVE, wouldn’t break your face to smile once in a while.

Shame I just can’t resist their lovely clothes.


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