I don’t have much to say. Well, I do, but I don’t know how to say it – I’m not used to being happy, see, I write better when I’m pissed off and angry at the world. But anyway.

  • Today I dyed my hair purple. If i’m honest it hasn’t made much of a difference, like it’s not WHOA-purple, its more like ‘plum’ or ‘red wine’ or ‘dark cherry’. It’s like this, with my head being the cheesecake and my hair being the cherries:
  • I also cut my hair today. Myself! Holy shit. Usually I’m a Toni & Guy kinda girl. I hate the thought of cutting my hair myself because it’s just bound to end in disaster – but being as I was dying my hair, I thought that I’d like to cut it a bit differently as well. So I found a video on YouTube of some American girl showing how to cut in side “bangs” (which I already have, from the last time I had my hair “styled”, but it had grown out a bit and lost its shape) and went for it. Making very very sure not to cut anything too short. It actually looks fine, I definitely didn’t need to pay £££ to get my hair cut when I did all that I wanted to do myself, for free (well, £8 really because I had to buy cutting scissors). Go go DIY!
  • Yesterday I went out with Charlotte and despite the fact that I only went out for hair dye, I ended up with 2 dresses and a pair of “wet look” leggings. I’m a bit behind with this trend, but I’m not too bothered. I was a bit iffy about buying them because they are a season or two old now (like that’s ever stopped me before, you should see my wardrobe) and also because OH MY GOD WILL THEY MAKE MY LEGS LOOK FAT?! That’s a big thing, especially to someone as body conscious as myself. “Will they?” I asked Charlotte “WILL THEY?!”, and she said no they won’t, so I trusted her and I bought them. Quite glad I did, I rather like them. I’m obviously not rocking them like these ladies:

    but I likeeee :)
    (also why do people wear leggings with normal sized tops? Never ever do that. CAMEL TOE! Just don’t. Wear something that at least comes a BIT over your arse)
  • I’m very happy at the moment. :D
  • I am currently working on an iPhone app with Swedish Whisky Man, who actually isn’t Swedish at all (sorry to ruin the illusion). God, whisky enthusiasts must be so boring. I’m bored already and all I’m doing is researching different types and writing about them. Actually, maybe it’s because the whisky drinkers get drunk on the whisky, while I’m sitting here with flavoured water merely writing. That’d probably numb the twattiness of the whisky business.
  • It’s getting close to results day now. OHMYGODDDDD. I feel sick just thinking about it.
  • I’ve never really thought about this before, but do guys really only hug you so they can feel your chest up subtly? I AM SO UPSET BY THIS.
  • Did I mention that I’m really happy?!

Yeah. :)


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