Results: Scary stuff

So there is exactly a month until I get my Results. Results with a capital R. The ones that are quite literally either going to fuck my life up or make it completely amazing. Hopefully it’ll be the latter.

I honestly have no idea how I’ve done – that’s the joy of results day, and exams in general – you try your best, and if you fall short of whatever your best may be you won’t know until 3 months later. I need these grades for university and it’s a bit gutwrenching to not know if you’ve achieved your dream of going to Completely Amazing University or if you’re going to Completely Shit Second Best University. It leaves you sort of in limbo and not properly able to enjoy anything. For instance, I want to book my tickets to go and see Russell Howard live with Katie but we won’t know where we’re going to be come December. Hopefully we’ll both be in Sheffield, enjoying what is known as ‘The Student Life’ but who knows. So do we buy tickets for Sheffield or do we buy tickets for London? WE JUST DON’T KNOW.

I can’t wait to get it over and done with. Nobody believes me when I tell them how absolutely shitting it I am. They always say “but oh you’ll be fine” BUT WHAT IF I’M NOT?! Even if I will be fine, and oh I hope to god (except not god, I need someone new to hope to being as god’s a bit fake and all that) that I am, this is still a VERY VERY SCARY TIME.

Please, please, please let me get what I want. PLEAAAAAAAAAAASE.

(unintentional Smiths reference there – can I just take a moment to say how I loathe them? Cheeeers)


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