More bullet points…

  • You’ll be glad to know that I’m still skipping along happily on cloud 9. (Unless you’re a morbid sort of person who wishes unhappiness on people. I hope you’re not.)
  • I think I have a message for y’all – listen to your heart. It is always right. It always knows what to do. If it tells you to get out, listen to it when it first tells you to, not 6 months down the line. You will be happier for it, believe me, no matter how scary it seems at the time.
  • It is getting closer to results day. I say this every time I go to blog, or so it seems, but that is because it truly is getting closer. I could say it every day and I wouldn’t be lying. Yes, I am still really very scared.
  • I’m documenting these fears in a blog on my university of choice’s student union site, along with 9 others in the same boat. It’s quite nice. Of course, it’ll be completely worthless if I don’t get in – I’ll feel like a bit of an idiot and I’ll have to post on there saying “Well, forget all the nice things I said about this particular institution because I’ll actually never set foot in there again”.
    But it’s nice. It makes me feel actually like a “writer”, as in, I’m writing something that people will actually read instead of scribbling random things on a scrap of paper then throwing them away.
  • I go on holiday on Monday.
  • Actually, I don’t, I go to Wales on Monday which isn’t the same as going on holiday because it’s not like I’m staying in a hotel in somewhere I’ve never been before. A better way to describe it would be:
  • I’m going home on Monday. It’s still ‘home’. In a sort of lesser way than my real ‘where I live’ home is, but ‘home’ nonetheless.
  • I am stupidly excited about seeing my best friend and my family and oh my little cousin Evie, who is 3 and miraculously knows who I am and that I like to play Play-Doh with her even though I don’t see her much. Sorry if I sound about 40 here, but oh they grow up so fast. It seems like only yesterday she was just a baby, sweet but not very interesting once you get over the fact that she can’t stand up. Now she runs around and talks and it’s a lot of fun. Oh god I need to stop before I start trying to get someone to impregnate me.
  • I bought a lot of my university reading list yesterday, on Amazon. Most were 1p each. THAT IS AMAZING. I’ve saved about £40. David Dickinson would be proud. In fact, he’d jizz in his pants at that. I’m too good.

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