Forget everything. Everything.

My plans are changing so often that even I am having trouble keeping up with myself – so here’s a very simple recap for the easily confused:
– I was going to go to Very Good University, but I missed my offer (by 10 marks!) on results day. I needed ABB, I got ABC.
– One of my grades was a bit questionable so I paid LOTS OF MONEY to appeal against it and to get two papers remarked
– As I’d missed my offer for the Very Good University, I was automatically admitted to Not Quite As Good University, which was my back up choice
– I did not want to go to Not Quite As Good University as I had an extreme case of tunnel vision (“THERE IS ONLY ONE UNIVERSITY IN THE WORLD FOR ME!”)
– I begged Very Good University to take me on despite missing my offer, but they said no (and acted like dicks while on the phone to me)
– I decided to take a gap year
– One of my papers came back with the grade unchanged
– Because of this, I decided to go to Not Quite As Good University, and screw the gap year, admittedly as a sort of ‘fuck you!’ to Very Good University. This meant that I began proceedings to move up there and joined all sorts of Not Quite As Good University freshers groups on Facebook, started talking to people on my course, and just generally accepted my fate as Not Quite As Good.

Right. Well. Today I woke up pretty late. I always do these days because I have nothing to get up for, my days literally consist of doing fuck all with a bit of writing and occassionally seeing friends thrown in. For the past few days I have been running to the letterbox whenever the post comes, as I have been waiting to see if anything has changed with my other paper. It has been two weeks and this morning I gave up, seeing as I was dead set on going to Not Quite As Good University “no matter what”, and honestly the chance of it changing was about 10%.

So the post came today, and I stayed in bed, wondering what I was going to do today and thinking that I should probably book my train tickets to go and visit Not Quite As Good University again at some point. I got up and the letter was for me (I only ever get letters from my bank!), from my college, telling me that my paper had gone up by EIGHTEEN MARKS and therefore it had raised my overall grade from a C to a B. Meaning that I actually got ABB in my A levels, not ABC. Meaning that I didn’t miss my offer after all. HOLYFUCKINGSHIT, I said, but in a toned down ‘acceptable for parents to hear’ kind of way, as my mum was standing next to me. I cried for a bit, of course, then got on the phone to the course leader at Very Good University (you know, the one who wasn’t very nice to me when I spoke to him on results day). He said that they’d have no objections to taking me this year seeing as I did get the grades, and he congratulated me and told me to phone admissions.

“Susan” from admissions totally pissed on my bonfire, telling me that the deadline for accepting remarked candidates was … *drum roll* …yesterday. Oh yes. Shit like this only EVER happens to me, I swear. So basically I missed out because of how unorganised my college is, as they knew about this change in result probably at the start of the week, and though the letter is postmarked for before yesterday, obviously didn’t post it out to me in time for me to get it before this fucking deadline. I have been on the phone all day attempting to sort this out. I can’t be bothered to go into how unfair it is, but just take my word that it is EXTREMELY unfair and I spent a good while just sitting and crying about it, while also rejecting everyone around me (sorry, Craig). I’m still extremely upset. Boo.

However, they have offered me an unconditional place for 2010. I don’t want to take a gap year, but I know that I could never go to Not Quite As Good University knowing that I have Very Good University just waiting for me. So it’s back to square one, then – a gap year followed by the only university I have ever really wanted to go to next year. It’s not ideal, but…yay :)

P.S – anyone want to give me a job?



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  1. mike
    Posted January 18, 2010 at 7:58 pm | Permalink

    that’s a pretty hardcore story

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