dress me: Autumn. Squee!

I don’t know about you, but every year without fail I complain when summer comes around. It is quite nice being able to eat ice cream, and having ice in my drink is also quite nice, despite the initial sting of my stupidly sensitive teeth, but I hate fashion in summer. Even if you live in England and it’s never properly sunny, you’re expected to wear next to nothing, change your make up, give your hair that “beach” look (Seriously? I live in London. I haven’t been to the beach for YEARS. I don’t want “beach” waves! Ever!). I dislike the bright colours (I am yet to find a bright colour that, when I wear it, doesn’t make me look completely washed out), the length of the skirts (with BARE legs! My legs reflect the sunI am like a ghostpeople shriek when they see them insert other “I’m pale” cliche), the flip flops, and how if you want to buy a top that isn’t strapless then good luck with that.

So I much prefer dressing for autumn (and winter), when I can keep warm by snuggling up to a scarf, layering dresses and tops and above all – wearing an amazing coat. There is nothing I like wearing more than a pretty dress, black tights, amazing boots, a lovely cardigan and a mac.

And now it’s September, and it’s starting to get cold again (this could be emphasised by the fact that I have a cold and therefore I keep going through phases of either being freezing or being so warm that I want to just RIP ALL OF MY CLOTHES OFF) meaning that pretty soon I’m going to get to go back to dressing up, and I can’t wait. I love everything about dressing for the colder months.

However, autumn and winter ‘09 seem to, so far, be all about the shoulders. I don’t really want to draw attention to my shoulders, thank you. I don’t really want to look like a rugby player or a character from Dynasty. I’m not too sure why every designer out there is demanding that we give ourselves massive shoulders that make us look like we’re one step away from the scrum.

In fact, most of what is “in” right now doesn’t really appeal to me. Vogue tells me that sleeveless tops are “in” for winter. Hairy coats, too (?!). Not just fur, but hairy coats! Mohair and pom poms are apparently also going to be everywhere this autumn. And you already know my feelings about harem pants… looks like it’s going to be a stick to what you know kinda season for me.


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