I have a job interview! Hurrah!

…It’s all very strange. It’s with a Swedish company that have only just started up in the UK, and on Tuesday I have to drag my ass into London at an ungodly hour to have an interview and a ‘briefing’ by some of their Swedish execs. My first thought, before the usual “what do I wear?” and “God I hope they don’t ask me any awkward questions” was – “I’ve never met any ACTUAL Swedish people before! Must not mention Abba. Or Ikea”. Must play it cool. But a briefing? By Swedish people? It’s very strange but all very exciting. Ish.

I hate interviews. Yes, I know that I’ve complained about every moment of this ‘employment seeking’ process so far but that is because it is TEDIOUS and I’d much rather that someone just give me a job doing something I truly love without me having to go to any effort whatsoever. That would only happen if Simon Cowell happened to walk past my house while I was mid-warble, and was willing to turn me into an international superstar. See, that is the only job I want. But sadly this isn’t a film, so it is likely that I am going to spend the rest of my gap year working in a strange Swedish hybrid of Argos and John Lewis. And then if this happens, be fully prepared for me to complain my way through it. I hope that it does happen. I kind of need it to, what with money not growing on trees (a pain, that) and my love of pretty dresses not looking like it’s going to subside any time soon.

In other news (yes, it’s one of those posts), today I unexpectedly got a call from an old friend asking if I’d like to meet up as she was in the area. I haven’t seen her for about 3 years (and strangely for such a ‘digital age’ I haven’t even spoken to her via Facebook/MSN either), and god knows where she got my number, but it was just really nice to see her. She has changed a lot, of course, and I probably have too but it was like we’d never left school and drifted apart. When I think about it I don’t know why we even drifted apart, and it led me to thinking about everyone else from school that I haven’t heard from for ages. It’s quite sad, but then I’m terrible at keeping in contact with people so it was to be expected, really. I’m hopefully going to see my good friend K tomorrow (or Friday) and I really want to go because we don’t see each other enough and I love spending time with her, but I don’t know if I want to drain my decreasing funds. OH, LIFE.

I’m still Facebook “friends” with people who are doing journalism at Sheffield this year. And I’m still utterly consumed with jealousy when I read about how much fun they’re having, and I feel really shit about it when I know I’m going next year. I’m just really glad that I didn’t go to Nottingham, because I know that whatever I’m feeling now would have been about a hundred times worse had I gone to Nottingham and known that I had settled for second best. Yeah.


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