Hello there, my dearly neglected blog. I’ve been being very lazy and have been merely reblogging random photos at my other blog, and I know I should update this more, but…oh, I’m lazy. So…

  • I had my job interview. I got lost and turned up an hour late, which, as everyone knows, is how you impress an interviewer. That’s what you get for agreeing to go to an interview in an area you don’t know. But despite this I think it went ok, I was called back for a second interview and they seemed to like me.
  • ...However, they said that they’d let me know “within 10 days”, and seeing as today is Day 9, it’s not looking very good. Which is a shame, because I really liked the sound of the company and I got on well with the other people there, and I just thought the interview went very well. Better than the one I had at Sainsburys (which was my first interview ever. I got the job).
  • Fingers crossed that they contact me tomorrow, then. Maybe they’re just taking a very long time to decide, who knows.


That’s all I really have to say right now. I’m really lacking in motivation and inspiration to do pretty much anything right now, which isn’t great.


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