Once more…

I am still trying to get my “mojo” back. If anyone has it, please return it, as I miss it very much so. Due to the lack of my motivation, inspiration, and writing “skills” (if indeed I had any in the first place), I haven’t been writing. At all. Not even silly little scribbles in a little notebook. This is the first thing I’ve written properly for weeks, bar some false starts on some topics that I would really love to blog about but seemingly just physically cannot write about. The notes section of my desktop sidebar gets a beating daily as I throw topics at it, topics that I know I will not get around to writing about (or, knowing me, I will when the issue is no longer relevant, rendering it pointless even though at the time I thought it was a brilliant idea for a blog). I’m annoyed, I’m frustrated, and it only makes things worse.

So anyway, I just wanted to blog to say hello. I’m not dead. I will return.
For now though, I just wanted to say that I am Happy. Happy with a capital H. This may sound trivial, even a sort of non-event, but for me, as a sufferer of clinical depression, it is a big deal. I’m not truly happy easily. But I am now, and it means more to me than you could possibly imagine. Even though this year did not go to plan, even though I’m sort of in limbo at the moment (I don’t start my new job for another month yet! What the hell do I do with my time…?) I am just…happy, and in love. And it is very nice. That is all. I hope you are happy too, dear reader. MWAH.


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