dirrrty pop: News – 13/11/09

Lots of exciting things have been happening in the world of pop music recently!

– Rihanna’s new album, Rated R, leaked onto the internet earlier today. Now, I am a very good girl and have in no way, shape or form downloaded the album (*ahem*), so I will take a guess at what I will think upon the first listen:

  • – the intro of the album is pointless (but then I’ve never liked album intros)
  • – most songs try too hard to be “edgy” (and most fail, instead giving off a cheesy faux-hard rock vibe)
  • – there are only two or three songs on the album that I actually want to listen to again.
  • However it’s a consistent album, it flows nicely, but there’s no real substance to it – it feels very disposable and throwaway, and I know its not fair to constantly compare her to Good Girl Gone Bad when she seems to have changed so much since then, but…well, it’s no Good Girl Gone Bad.

    As mentioned in a previous post, Lady GaGa’s video for her new single Bad Romance premiered this week and my God what a video it is. It’s batshit crazy, but then what else do you expect from Lady GaGa?

    She even wears Alexander McQueen’s Alien shoes! And proves that it is possible to walk in them! (And look at them, they’re MONSTERS)

    – Things have been quite busy in the world of GaGa lately actually, the new version of Beyonce’s (rather shit) Video Phone featuring GaGa leaked (YouTube link), which is nice and all – but not even she could turn that steaming pile of shit into gold.

    – There’s also been some other exciting Fame Monster news, with the leaking of Alejandro (and by the way, I know i’ve mentioned on Twitter that I’d like to call my first born son Alejandro recently, but it is what is known as a joke, or a very strange way of showing my affection for this magnificent song, and thus there is no need to tell me that I am cruel, or a BAD BAD PERSON INDEED, as of course I wouldn’t name my first born son Alejandro – it’ll be Vladimir if anything), Dance In The Dark (people say that the synth bit borrows directly from Careless Whisper by George Michael, I don’t think I’m going to get this until someone sits me down and plays me both songs at the same time, I just don’t hear it!) and – BRACE YOURSELVES – Telephone, which is a duet with Beyonce! Beyonce!
    I was pretty excited when Beyonce and Shakira got together for Beautiful Liar, but when that turned out to be a bit rubbish I knew not to get my hopes up about this, but oh, it’s wonderful. WONDERFUL. It’d fit right in on The Fame, in a way that Bad Romance and the rest wouldnt, as its another of those ‘I’m in a club and I’m too busy/drunk to do what you want me to do so *insert manic laugh here* i’m just going to DANCE AWAY MY CARES‘ songs that GaGa does so well. Rumour has it that the song was originally for Britney, if thats true then she missed out big time as it’s about 10 times better than anything on Circus (apart from maybe Mannequin, which still holds a place in my heart)

    – Sugababes 4.0 have really been at it this week, not only performing on Radio One’s Live Lounge earlier this week, but also performing on GMTV on Thursday. It’s a bit err…well, it’s interesting.
    Their dancing leaves a lot to be desired and I can’t help but get the following vibes from each girl:

    • Jade: ‘Teehee I’m in the Sugababes! Danceydanceylalalayay!’
    • Heidi: ‘Ooaaaaarghhh (thats the sound of steely determination, people) this is now MY BAND and this is GOING to work OR ELSE!’
    • Amelle: ‘Ehhh…whatever. Wonder if there’s anything good on TV tonight…’


    – In other news, it is Queen week on the X Factor this weekend. Queen are my favourite band, and thus my heart bleeds.

    – Ok, that’s a bit too dramatic, if my heart were to bleed over something it wouldn’t be over what is essentially people doing karaoke of my favourite songs live on TV.

    I watch the X Factor and I enjoy it, I’m not a music snob and I don’t care if Jedward butcher Radio GaGa because I can just go and listen to the real thing and everything will be ok again.  The X Factor is not the devil’s way of making sure music dies a slow and painful death, and despite what some people like to insist, music WILL survive. It always will, and it will always be there, just like it has been there since the DAWN OF TIME. It survived Stock, Aitken and Waterman, I’m pretty sure it’ll survive this.

    If you don’t like the show – so what? There are people that do, get over it. It doesn’t mean that they are stupid, or that they don’t listen to what you describe as ‘real’ music as well (one of the biggest X Factor fans I know also happens to be one of the biggest metal fans I know, and she also loves classical and folk music, but obviously if she enjoys the X Factor she’s not allowed to have an opinion on other types of music and it automatically means her tastes are less valid! Like, DUH!) – just listen to what makes you happy, and stop worrying about what makes other people happy.

    Have a nice weekend!


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