In the words of The Beatles, ‘I’m sooo-hoo-hooo tired’


I am exhausted. After I finish writing this, I will be going to bed. It’s only quarter past 8 in the evening but my body is just screaming out for my bed. But I thought i’d update my blog first, seeing as it’s been almost two weeks since my last post (!)

– I have started my new job! That’s why I haven’t been updating, I just haven’t had time. I’m meant to be working part time but so far I have worked EVERY SINGLE DAY since I started and I am so very tired as I have been starting every day at what I like to call death o’clock. But the job itself is going well, and it’s surprisingly very fun. I’ve met some very nice people – the good thing about the store I’m working for is that it’s completely new to the area, and that means that we’re all new to each other so there’s no pre-established cliques that you have to try and fit into, which as everyone knows is not very nice (oh hai, former employers, supermarket that must not be named). It also means that we’re completely new to the company and their way of trading. It means that I can fuck up all I want and I can blame it on being new and nobody asks any questions, basically.

– When I found out that I was to take an unexpected gap year, I told myself that I would learn SOMETHING over the year, just so I don’t lose my ability to sit down with books and a pen and paper and learn learn learn. I thought this thing would be shorthand, seeing as, y’know, it would help me on my degree and then afterwards in (hopefully) life as a journalist, but instead I’ve started learning Swedish. It’s going very well so far, and I am really enjoying it! The good thing about working for a Swedish company (and no, it’s not Ikea), is that I can learn little bits as I work, mainly by eavesdropping on conversations between my Swedish colleagues, who are here for 6 months or so to get our store up and running. And that’s good. They’ve taught us the Swedish for ‘break’, or ‘coffee break’ so when it gets near to our break you can hear various people shouting/wailing “fika! fika!” which is…weird, but it’s nice and (CLICHE ALERT!) it really feels like we’re working well as a team.

– Even though I’m really enjoying working, and even though I know I shouldn’t complain about this seeing as I’ve had months of doing nothing and wishing that I was doing something, did I mention that I am completely exhausted?! This will be the third night in a row that I’ve gone to bed before 9pm, virtually unheard of for me. And anyone over the age of 12. But even though I want to stay up, because at 9pm I’ve been home from work for the grand total of 3 hours, I just can’t. I’m waiting for the day when it gets really bad and I can barely move. I know it’s going to come, and I know it’s going to hurt, but I can’t do anything about it. Apart from going to bed at stupid o’clock. Which I shall go and do now.

Someone will have to whip me into shape with regards to updating my blog, I don’t want to neglect it! I’ll have to find time to update somewhere. Until I do, though, you can follow me over at Twitter for more banal thoughts. Though I think all my visitors on here come from Twitter. In which case, FOLLOW ME AGAIN. Or say hello, and buy me a Red Bull, because OH how I need it.


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    Great blogpost, amazing looking blog, added it to my favs!

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