Hello March!

This week I’ve mostly been…

Daydreaming about summer:
I know, I know, last year when it was actually summer I kept complaining about it and going on about how I couldn’t wait to wear dresses with dark tights and trench coats and umbrellas, but I’m bored of that now – it’s far too cold, and instead of making snowmen and drinking hot chocolate, I’ve just been annoyed that the heavy snow that we’ve had this winter has meant disruptions to my journey to work. Recently the sun has been ever so slightly poking through the clouds, and it’s made me think about summer, and music festivals, and going for picnics in Hyde Park, and wearing sunglasses and summer dresses. I’m bored of winter now, I always feel happier when the sun is shining, and we’re in March now, so I want some sunshine!

Feeling incredibly ill:
Yes, again. This time I hurt myself exercising too much. Sounds a bit pathetic, but then, this is me, after all – pathetic is my middle name (…pathetic is not my middle name). I had a day off on Tuesday, and I thought i’d be super healthy and work out for most of the day. This was an incredibly stupid mistake, as I then twisted a muscle in my stomach and consequently spent most of the next 3 days throwing up and not being able to walk very far thanks to my legs protesting so much (thanks, squats).
This, of course, has not been fun, especially as I had to stay off work for a few days because of it. Today was my first day back, and I kept feeling as if I was about to throw up every half hour or so. Not the best way to spend the day.

Being kept awake at night by Lady GaGa:
Well, alright, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but MY GOD I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to see a video as much as I want to see the video for Telephone, GaGa and Beyonce’s slice of amazingness. I want it to be amazing, but at the moment my brain can’t imagine anything other than something similar to Eve and Gwen Stefani’s Let Me Blow Your Mind. Sadface. The video has been delayed so many times now, will we actually get a video, ever? It was meant to premiere on Monday, but it’s now been postponed indefinitely. Double sadface. This had better be amazing when it eventually graces my eyes with its presence!

Trying to decide which festival to go to:
A few years ago I went to Wireless and Hard Rock Calling (as a VIP, thank you very much!) in the same festival ‘season’, and it was great. (The best part was, if you’re wondering, getting to talk to The Feeling AND Gareth Gates backstage at Hard Rock Calling. The man from the Feeling said he liked my sunglasses. I love him.)
This year I can actually afford to go to a festival (seeing as I went to both Wireless and Hard Rock Calling for free, in that magical year) but there’s nothing out there that I want to go to. I’d go for Glastonbury, but I think that’s sold out, and I don’t want to camp. Hard Rock Calling (or whatever they’re calling it this year) only has Paul McCartney confirmed, and I’m not going to buy tickets based on the strength of that particular headliner (sorry, Paul). Any suggestions?

Preparing (sort of) for university:
6 months to go! How exciting, how terribly terribly exciting (and TERRIFYING, but lets not dwell on that part too much). Even though I planned to use this year to extend my ‘knowledge’ and learn shorthand, I err…haven’t done that at all, instead I’ve been working my ass off and reading trashy fiction, which isn’t going to kill me or anything, but I’d still like my gap year to count for something other than just for me to earn money. So with this in mind, when I got paid last week, I bought Flat Earth News by Nick Davies, Essential English for Journalists, Editors, and Writers by Harold Evans and Living Dolls: The Return Of Sexism by Natasha Walter. The first two are on my reading list for university, which I didn’t find out until after I’d bought them (I’m such a geek).
They’re both so interesting, and it’s made me really excited about returning to studying in September. I bet I’ll hate it once I get back into it, but hopefully I’ll be able to keep up this level of enthusiasm. Living Dolls has nothing to do with my course (which will be, of course, journalism – but you guessed that from the books, right? Right) but is a great read anyway, all about “a society that sells women an airbrushed, highly sexualised and increasingly narrow vision of femininity” (its a lot more interesting than it sounds, honestly). The only trouble with these books is that I don’t really have time to read them, but hey, I’ll get round to it at some point. Hopefully.

Attempting to change the look of the blog:
I’m not great with HTML and CSS, and when I first switched my blog to WordPress from Tumblr, I briefly entertained the thought of switching to wordpress.org instead of wordpress.com, which it currently resides on. This was too much for my poor brain to handle, all that php and talk of servers and hosting was just too much for my simple brain. WordPress makes it pretty easy to customise your blog, and I’ve tried my best to make it look nice, using Photoshop, notepad and a lot of trial and error. I hope you like the new look!


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    Hope you’re feeling better now! (Who said exercise was good for you?!)


    • Posted March 9, 2010 at 8:02 pm | Permalink

      Thank you very much! I am feeling better, yes :) Stupid exercise!

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    I really like when people are expressing their opinion and thought. So I like the way you are writing

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