Little flashes of summer :)

You know what’s ridiculous about summer in Britain? Summer douchebags. You know the type, hell, you’ve probably been one at one point – as soon as the first ray of sunshine descends upon us, out come the flip flops, sunglasses and sundresses, despite the fact that it’s not completely warm yet, and just yesterday you were contemplating buying a warmer coat.
This seems to be a state of mind slash psychological disease that infects British people who seldom see “proper” sunshine. It makes people immediately start planning barbecues and trips to the seaside, despite the fact that it rained the last 3 times they made these plans during a similar bout of douchebaggery last year.

Working in a shop, I get to see all these people – ranging from the bad, to the absolutely awful, which usually involves gladiator sandals, halterneck tops and not much else. We sell disposable BBQs, handheld fans, picnic baskets and kayaks (!) to these people, only for them to be returned shortly after because, “actually, we have no use for these”. \

I like summer, though. When it actually comes and when the cold wind dies down and it’s not such a risk to venture outside without a coat, that is. I suffer from depression, and though I don’t suffer from SAD, summer definitely makes it easier – I always find that I’m happier when the sun is shining, the days are bright and the nights are long and balmy. I like when everyone is chilled out and happy, and people love sunshine so much that it does this to them. And so who could blame them for being so happy and immediately getting out the barbecue when the first sign of summer appears? Here in England, summer tends to be a word and nothing more, something you dream of as you look outside to find a rainy day on a gloomy June morning. We’ve just never really had ‘proper’ weather, or so everyone says, which is also why we freak out and start cancelling trains the moment a flake of snow hits the ground.
Anyway, who am I to talk? Next week my boyfriend will be taking me on my VERY FIRST PICNIC! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t extremely excited about going, and wearing pretty summer clothes. That’s if the weather continues to be as nice as this, which it probably won’t, probably because i’ve just cursed myself.

So as you know, it’s recently been very nice indeed in England, as commemorated by this Facebook fan page (there’s a Facebook fan page for EVERYTHING, EVER). I’ve been stuck in work thus far and have had to rely on customers and Facebook to tell me of the beautiful weather outside (no, really). But i’ve reduced my hours so I might actually be able to enjoy it one of these days! Hopefully.

This reduction in hours should hopefully mean that I’ll update more, because I know how much you all miss me (I bet you don’t, you bastards), and I’ll finally get around to replying to the people who have been very nice indeed and sent me email on the blog’s email address (which you can do too! – I like fan mail and cookies).

Enjoy the sunshine, you lovely things. Hopefully the next time I update won’t be in a month’s time…


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