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Lola Dutronic

Lola Dutronic, aka vocalist Lola Dee and producer/composer Richard Citroen. She brings the delicate, seductive vocals, and he brings the music – the catchy hooks and dreamy synths that combine to create irresistible pop that compliments Lola’s voice very well indeed.

The duo split their time between Berlin and Toronto, Canada. They met at an exhibition in Berlin, where they found out they were both musicians, and the rest, as they say, is history. Richard admits that the band’s geographical issues are problematic, saying its “frustrating [to be in the band] because [they] live in different countries”.

Toronto? Does that explain all the French?
I suppose it would, yes. Their first EP, Musique, features 7 songs – some of which are completely in French. Don’t let that put you off, though, it’s more sexy stuff that would make Serge Gainsbourg proud than anything that makes you feel like you should have paid more attention in high school French classes.

French songs that would make Serge proud? This is all starting to sound a bit Je T’aime Moi Non Plus
It’s not like that all – i.e., it’s not creepy. It’s French, yes, meaning that it is automatically seductive and sensual, but Lola Dutronic sound more like a brilliant electro mix of Sia’s breathy, frothy vocals, and Annie’s playful beats. Lola Dutronic could have gone badly wrong – girly French vocals with a hefty dose of whispering and loved-up lyrics sound like a recipe for a camp, corny disaster, but thankfully they pull it off and leave you wishing for a passionate affair. With a Frenchman.

Quite. It’s no wonder that their music has been featured in sexy TV show The L Word. The band’s second album was also nominated for a Grammy in 2007, which is very exciting and surely gives them bragging rights among friends.

Impressive! They must be pretty good, then.
They are! Despite the fact that sometimes the music seems to overwhelm Lola’s delicate voice, and that a random man whispering in French in the background can get a bit annoying, Lola Dutronic borrow heavily from the giants of luscious electronica but at the same time manage to sound completely unique, the end result being an album full of delicious pure pop nuggets that stand their own up against more established acts such as Goldfrapp and Saint Etienne.

Where can I hear them?
You can buy their new EP Musique from Amazon and iTunes, and listen to their new single Beautiful World right here:


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