dirrrty pop: Teenage Dream happenings

Teenage Dream is Katy Perry’s second studio album, which so far seems as if it will feature a lot less faux lesbianism and, more importantly, a lot less faux rock (yay!). It’s due to be released in August, and earlier on this week she unveiled the album artwork (above), which was painted by contemporary artist Will Cotton, which is a pretty apt name going on what the cover looks like.

Teenage Dream is the second single, which is about a million times better than California Gurls (no matter how much I enjoy dancing around my living room pretending to be from California), and premiered on the radio yesterday.

Listen before it gets pulled from YouTube!

What do you think?

In related news, Katy Perry is also apparently launching her own perfume, which she is going to call Purr. I hope I wasn’t the only one who had wild dreams of Nadine Coyle promoting it. “That’s Purr!”, etc, etc. Like this:

I’ll see myself out.



  1. Billy Scott
    Posted July 23, 2010 at 12:59 pm | Permalink

    very good blog, i have to download it later if the link is still there. and kudos on getting Nadine in there lol

    • Posted July 23, 2010 at 1:00 pm | Permalink

      I thought you’d like that! It’s the first thing I thought of when I heard the name of the perfume ;)

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