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I know what you’re thinking – there has never been a Song Of The Day on this blog (well, apart from that one time I blogged about Ulysses by Franz Ferdinand and said that Alex Kapranos sounded like sex) and so maybe this should be titled Song I Quite Like At This Moment In Time instead. Well, reader, shut yo’ piehole, because this song has quite literally been the song of my day.
I got some bad news yesterday and have felt terrible since, and as silly as it sounds, listening to this, reading the X Factor magazine (for the millionth time, it is not just about the X Factor and is actually quite good) and eating cookies has made me feel a little bit better.  A little bit.

Anyway, the song. You remember Diana Vickers, right? She of ‘hand claw’ fame from 2008’s X Factor, the one that had a ‘thing’ with that Irish guy Eggnog, who looked about 12 and whose name no one could pronounce or write (see above). Vickers was incredibly annoying on The X Factor, all hands and backcombed hair, but surprisingly she’s turned into quite a good popstar and is definitely my favourite from that series (sorry, Alexandra Burke).

Admittedly, her voice isn’t exactly the best voice ever, and if you don’t like breathy, croaky vocals then it’s a pretty safe bet that you’re not going to like Vickers. But she has some great songs, and recently I’ve played her album Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree on repeat (bit late with that one, I know). Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree is being rereleased in ‘early 2011’, only 2 singles in, which seems a bit pointless. It’s not even in time for the Christmas crowd (because kids still ask for CDs for Christmas, right?), which seems like a missed opportunity. But it features her next single, the rather loopy yet utterly irresistible My Wicked Heart. ENJOY.

(ARGH embedding is disabled by request, those sneaky bastards. Click through, it will be worth it. Promise.)

(It reminds me a bit of the sadly forgotten Whoop by Holly Valance. Probably only because they both feature someone singing ‘whoop’. But still.)


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