New Music: Florrie – Introduction EP

The word ‘Xenomania’ was once synonymous with pop music of the very highest order, with the production team responsible for some of pop’s greatest moments, such as Girls Aloud’s Tangled Up album and Mini Viva’s One Touch (listen to them if you haven’t already and be reminded of the greatness of good pop music!)
Recently, however, Xenomania appear to have been losing their way – with collaborations with Franz Ferdinand falling through, their own label artists not doing very well and even reports that key members have quit. It is fairly safe to say that there is certainly some unrest chez Xenomania.

Amongst all that gloom, it’s nice to know that there is something good coming out of the pop powerhouse. Their in-house drummer Florrie, who has played the drums on singles by Girls Aloud, Alesha Dixon and the Pet Shop Boys, has recently caused a bit of a sensation in her own right. She just gave away her new EP, Introduction, for free on her website and its 4 tracks are each dreamy slices of pop perfection, with Florrie sounding like a melting pot of the best bits of Alessi’s Ark, Annie, and Yeah Yeah Yeah’s more electronic moments.

Releasing her music free of charge on the internet has endeared her to many fans and critics, who are hailing her as the ‘next big thing’ and applauding her for such forward thinking and grassroots approach to building up a fanbase.

With excellent music, model looks (Florrie is currently the face of Nina Ricci) and a real connection with the fans she regularly tweets with, it’s difficult to imagine Florrie becoming anything but a big star in her own right, so if you’re a fan of electropop with a sophisticated edge, grab her EP for free while you can!

Download Introduction EP by Florrie here. For free. Bargain!


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