App of the week #2: Doodle Fit

Doodle Fit – 59p [iTunes link]

For some reason, I love games that have the sole aim of grinding me down until I become a quivering wreck, screaming ‘PLEASE! NO MORE!’ as I try and beat my high score. Just like the Mr Bump app last week, Doodle Fit is another such game.

The aim of the game is to fit different blocks into a big shape, which sounds simple enough but if like me you’re absolutely useless at anything that requires logic, it REALLY REALLY ISN’T. Unlike other games of this ilk that I’ve played before, Doodle Fit doesn’t allow you to rotate any of the shapes, and hints are a luxury, so it really is down to the power of your noggin to solve these levels, and seeing as there are over 100, it might just take you some time.

It’s a game that you will soon become determined to beat, which though frustrating at first, is ultimately what makes it so much fun. It also has kickass music that you will find yourself humming after a few games.


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